Hello all! I hope you all had a lovely holidays and a happy new year! Mine were pretty nice. Spent some quality time with the family, got some good presents.

I freaking loved The Force Awakens and am super excited for all the upcoming movies. Still debating if I want to get into all the books and comics this time around though.

In other news, I’m still trying to bring Codon to gaynerdcomic.com. It’s slow going what with the day job and all, but I’m determined it’ll happen eventually. Still, any helpful hints would be appreciated.

Oh, which brings me to the last things. The comments here on the website have been so flooded with spam I’ve given up on them. If you posted stuff and it never got approved I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t find it over 5000 spam posts. So until I can figure a way around them, the comments section is going to be closed. However, you can always say stuff over on the Facebook page.