SPX was WONDERFUL!!! Apologies to the artists for attempting to draw them in their styles.

This was the product of a self-publishing workshop run by the Center for Cartoon Studies. We were timed about two minutes to a page. Tthe comic was originally drawn on one sheet then folded into a book like so. I inked it later on with only a few minor edits. And guess what? You can print out a copy of the original sheet and make a booklet of your very own!

For those of you who don’t know, Bill Roundy draws a journal comic (among other delightful things), Evan Dahm is the inventor of a wonderful fantasy world, and Dresden Codak has authored several beautifully drawn and philosphically interesting comics. I also met Spike, author of the alternate-history comic Templar, AZ but I ran out of pages :(

Also, I’ve decided to take a shot at the 10-day World of Warcraft trial. It’s pretty nifty. I think it just might take off.

Also also, Codon has three new pages.