Thanks Mom.

I don’t know if any of this is anywhere near accurate. Just a theory I came up with while watching PBS.

This comic would probably been better if I’d been able to post it the week of Mother’s Day as I had planned, which leads me to a question for you guys. Clearly my life is not currently making it possible for me two do two comics (The Gay Nerd Comic and Codon) twice a week. Since I have no intention of giving up either one of them this leaves me with two options: keep updating them whenever possible (like I am now), or posting Codon one week, the GNC the next week, then Codon again, and so on. I would like your guys feedback on this so please let me know on the Facebook page (sadly the comments here are flooded with spam and I probably won’t see anything you send me). I’ll be asking the same thing in the next Codon update.

And if you still haven’t seen the last Codon update, you can check that out here!