About the Gay Nerd Comic

The Gay Nerd Comic is more or less a heavily embellished journal comic about a gay man so nerdy he sees the world in pixels. It can be about anything from comics and video games to the random insanity that keeps cropping up in my life.

A Little History

Just before my last year of college I decided to see what my friends and I would look like as video game characters, and it wasn’t long until I started making comics with the sprites I’d created. Originally called Academia the early comics were posted on Facebook of all places. After graduation the name changed to what it is today and I dropped the whole “life as a video game” idea (which I’d never really gotten to work anyway).

Since then the comic has gone through some minor variations. For a while there it was even published in the Washington Blade. Crazy, right?

How It’s Made

Believe it or not, I actually make the comic in Microsoft Paint, zooming in really close and working pixel by pixel. For each recurring character I have a file of them in various poses. Common backgrounds get saved too. Never know when you’re gonna need them.